You have the pos­sib­il­ity to sup­port the team and to receive a post­card from the other end of the world, signed by all members.

If you are so kind to sup­port us we ask you to trans­fer at least 7 € ( 9$ US, 6 £ UK or equi­val­ent amount) to the account given below and latest until 10.02.2012

Please write “Buck­land” as the note to pay­ment and of course your whole address where this very lim­ited post­card should be send to. For dona­tions worth 50 € or more we can also send a dona­tion receipt if needed.

Account holder: Alpin­club Sach­sen e.V. 
Bank code: 85080000 (Com­merzbank) 
Account num­ber.: 0308662801 

IBAN: DE93850800000308662801 

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