Cre­ated on Thursday, 29 Decem­ber 2011 Writ­ten by Daniel

When I was asked by the team to take care about the energy sup­ply I thought: ‘What is this all about? That’s straight for­ward… Every­body has a head­light, a bat­tery pack in reserve and that’s it! We use fuel for cook­ing! What do you need an elec­trical engin­eer­ing tech­ni­cian for?’ Well, it wasn’t that easy though! All of a sud­den I had a list of elec­trical devices in my hand (satel­lite phone, radios, cam­eras, …) that grew longer and longer. When cal­cu­lat­ing everything together it was soon enough clear the bat­tery pack in reserve won’t last long. How­ever, we are lucky and have a fold­able 60 watt solar panel and two port­able energy packs from Brunton to our dis­posal. In case every now and then the sun is shin­ing, my task is done.
Any­way, to be cer­tain I was think­ing also about a backup solu­tion. Noth­ing would be worse than a dead satel­lite phone. How should we feed the blog then in the com­ing weeks? ;-)

Kraft kommt von Kraftstrom! Zum Abschätzen des Energiebedarfes und zum Bauen der passenden Adapter kommen Lötkolben und Multimeter zum Einsatz.
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